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Zoomyy (with two "Y's") is the ONLY app of it's kind. Quickly add a zoom motion to photos and videos to share with friends and followers on any social network. Join the thousands of video Influencers have been adding this motion to their clips manually for years - now it's accessible to everyone without the hassle of using expensive video editing software on your desktop. Our app is perfect if you want to add motion to your photos on Insta, Insta stories, ads, facebook, etc. Our simple & easy to use app allows you to add a zoom motion to your clips in seconds!!

-Upload photos or video clips up to 15 seconds in length
- Pinch the screen & use the orange square to set how much you want to zoom in/out.
- Select Direction of Zoom (In or out)
- Select where on the screen you want the zoom to happen
- One way or mirrored. When it's mirrored it will zoom in and then back out again, kind like a boomerang.
-Save the clip or upload straight to your favorite social media & messaging platforms.

Questions? You can reach us at [email protected] or @Zoomyy_App on Instagram. #Zoomyy (with two Y's).