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A Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner: “Yuri and The Flying Squid on Turtle Island” is a customized children’s picture book, short animated story, educational game, and tool for parents and children to engage and learn from each other. This rollicking adventure is available in English or Spanish.

• Language: English, Spanish
• Ability to design and personalize your own character (Name, Skin Tone, Hair Style, Eye Color, Clothes, Accessories,)
• Narrated voices in Spanish and English.
• Ability to record your own narration.
• Animated pages.
• Original music composed for each page.
• One educational game to clean the beach using challenging patterns.
• Parental guide and activities to enrich the whole experience.
• Enhanced index menu to navigate the app.
• Help and support menus.

Recommended Ages: 2-7


Children are able to design and personalize the main hero of the story to reflect their appearance, choosing from different hairstyles, skin tones, eye colors, and clothes. They are also able to name the character after themselves. After finishing their selections, the story and even the animations are updated to reflect their choices.


Parents and children can record their own voice narration or choose between our narrators:
Jaime Puerta: actor from Spain (Spanish narration).
Jonathan Hsu: actor from New York City. (English narration).


On “Turtle Island,” Yuri, the little pirate hero, discovers to his dismay that his favorite beach is covered with trash. He cleans the beach with a number of new friends, discovers fellow pirate Chopito (the titular Flying Squid) buried under a garbage pile, and saves him from a trashy death. In the course of their adventure, Yuri and Chopito form a friendship around their concern for the environment, and their mutual desire for high adventure!

Engaging and entertaining "Turtle Island" also imbues values: ocean ecology, friendship, respect, and spontaneous ingenuity. The app also includes educational tips for parents, along with a learning game for children. As a bonus, there are pirate songs to learn, and riddles to answer… “What is stranger than a moon-shaped star fish?”


The Flying Squid apps are created by award winning filmmaker and father of two, Iván Cortázar. Iván collaborated with his mother, a fine artist from Spain, to craft a memorable and inspiring adventure for children of all ages to enjoy.


All the illustrations were made using charcoal and pencil, and then colored digitally. The animations are inspired by pop-up books, looping continuously to set the mood.


Each page includes original music composed by Dutch musician, Martijn de Man.


In the app, we included original sound recordings from hermit crabs and turtles from the Virgin Islands! (We just hope they were saying good things because unfortunately we can’t speak turtle.)

Note: Optimized for iPad series or iPhone 6, 6+

Privacy policy highlights:
- Have NO Push Notifications.
- Have NO in-app purchases.
- Have NO third party adds.
- Have PARENTAL GATES to access a parents/educators section that may include social media links and other educational links.
- Use the restricted version of Flurry Analytics to collect aggregated and anonymous usage data. This information helps us track possible crashing errors and improve the users experience.
- Link to our privacy policy: http://www.theflyingsquid.com/privacy.html

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