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Although there are different races, regions, and cultures, the concept of time tends to be consistent. We try to put aside the shackles of the traditional Arabic digital clock, and re-interpret the process of time lapse through the "shape" of calligraphy, the "sound" of the sound of the needle, and the "texture" of cultural crafts. It is satisfying and is an interesting presence of words and time.

[ Special function ]

# Originality
Discard the pointer altogether, discard the Arabic numerals, and try to use Chinese to present the time.

# Excellent calligraphy
Pen and ink, iron painting silver hook

# Rich font quality choice (metal / rock / wood / ceramic / satin, etc.)
Material is the trace left after the flow of time

#Select "The Voice of the Pass" for each font
Close your eyes and hear the passage of time

# Meditation, auxiliary focus
Open the word clock, stay away from the phone, stay focused, relax

# Timed sleep
When time is up, sleep peacefully

# It’s time, it’s also beautiful.
Cafes, antique shops, bookstores... all the places that need creative inspiration, the words are integrated with the environment in an appropriate way.

[ Behind the scenes ]

Design & Planning by Alex
Font & Interaction by xiaomin
Developed by Kevin

Email: [email protected]

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