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Wordd is a simple dictionary app that allows users to quickly and easily look up everyday vocabulary or slang words.

- Displays both the official definition and user generated definitions from Urban Dictionary are shown (if they exist) when a word is searched.

- If a sound icon shows up next the the searched word, users can tap the word to play the audio file recorded by Urban Dictionary users.

- Tap words without a sound icon next to it to have the phone read out the word in Siri voice.

- Shake the device or tap the random icon to search for a random word.

- Automatically get similarly spelled words if incorrect spelling is detected.

- Automatically get synonyms after word definitions if they are found.

- (NEW - October 2016) Added History Tab which allows users to access previously searched words!

Wordd is available for free for as long as you want. Check out our app metrics at www.wordymcwordface.com and see which words were looked up the most.

Try the Worrd app today. We have the best words!