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[Made by indie developer]

Share links from any app to WidUseful, it will show the QR Code of the URL, even when the URL is embedding in texts. So you can share things face to face very quickly.

For example, if you see a good Youtube video, you can just share the URL to WidUseful. Then let the others scan the QR Code. You can also share app by force touch the app icon on the home screen then shares the link to WidUseful.

If you often need to share a link, you can add it into WidUseful widget. Then you can share it anytime. The widget will also show QR code of the latest link in the clipboard.

You can also just use the widget as a reminder.


Add things to main app:
- Now support text, links(QR code), images.
- Things in the main app will also show in the widget.

- Show things in main app any time.
- Show as thumbnails or Independently.
- Tap links in the widget in expand mode will open the main app. Then you can share this link to other app or open it with Safari.

Share extention:
- Share links face to face.
- Can read links embedding in texts.
- Read QR code in an image and import as a link.
- Share the link again to other apps or open with Safari.