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End-to-end encrypted file transfer and chat for complete privacy and security.

Underpass is different from every other encrypted communication app because it does not use a third-party service. It's just two devices and a password. Peer-to-peer. There's no signup. No account. No phone number, email, contacts, or any personal information requested, not even your real name.

You can communicate securely over the internet or on a LAN, such as in an office, school, coffee shop, or home. All of your data is encrypted before it's sent over the network, and it can't be decrypted except by the other device using Underpass. Industry-standard AES-128 encryption algorithm.

* File transfers of any file type
* Inline images
* Unicode text and emoji chat

Underpass for Mac is also available, sold separately in the Mac App Store. You can chat with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac using Underpass.