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A light weight spreadsheet app for mobile device.

-Easy to use interface.
-Automatically adjust cell's width & height.
-Customized keyboard, easy to input numbers and formulas.
-Provide 4 spreadsheet themes, you can change sheet style with a single tap.
-Copy and paste cells.
-Support Undo. & Redo.
-Support plus, minus ,multiply, divide, etc. basic formula, include simple functions such as SUM,AVG,MAX,MIN.
-Export to excel, export to image, or send spreadsheet to friends(same app installation required).
-Support bluetooth keyboard('space' to begin edit, 'escape' end edit, up, down, left ,right).
-Automatically backup to iCloud.

Please note: it's not fully compatible with excel, so excel files can not be imported.

Any suggestions please email to [email protected]

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