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*** Directly control and send text/commands to your Amazon Fire TV/Stick without installing any third-party apps on your Fire TV/Stick first. It works natively!
*** This application lets you control your Fire TV wirelessly using your iPhone or iPad. It supports Fire TV Box, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV-enabled Smart TVs (e.g., Insignia, Toshiba)!


You must enable ADB on your Amazon Fire TV device before you can connect to it. Here's how:
1. From the main screen of your Fire TV, select Settings.
2. Select My Fire TV > Developer Options.
3. Turn on "ADB debugging".
4. Make sure your iPhone/iPad and Fire TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
5. Run this app. The first time when you run the app and connect to your Fire TV, you will get a popup saying "Allow USB debugging" on your TV screen. Please select "Always allow from this computer", then select OK. Done!
Note: If the app fails to find your Fire TV, please restart your iPhone/iPad and your Amazon Fire TV device.


[+] Compatibility with most Fire TVs.
[+] Remote control of your Fire TV.
[+] Left, right, up, down, and OK buttons.
[+] Home, back, menu, play, pause, rewind, and forward buttons.
[+] Navigate content and applications on Fire TV.
[+] Send text to Fire TV.
[+] Send a custom Key Event to Fire TV (useful for developers).
[+] Send a custom ADB Command to Fire TV (useful for developers).
[+] Show/hide Fire TV's log (useful for developers).
[+] Automatic discovery of your Fire TV devices.
[+] Haptic and sound effects when using the remote.
[+] Support for portrait and landscape orientations.

[Some Useful Event Codes]


[Some Useful ADB Commands]

Df --> Disk space details
Ls --> List directory contents
Pwd --> Print working directory
Cd --> Change current directory
Netstat --> Show network status
Uptime --> Display system status
Reboot --> Restart your Fire TV device

Enjoy! Thank you!