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Do you want to become a pro ping pong player like in a real match? Let's play this game!

Welcome to the most authentic Table Tennis Game on App Store. Table Tennis 3D Game is the only table tennis game based on 3D PHYSICS.

Table Tennis 3D Game is the most complete mobile tennis game ever! Enjoy thrilling gameplay, beautiful graphics and pack of action!

Table Tennis 3D Game offers fast and fluid control mode: swipe your finger to hit or slice the ball. The game provides a huge range of unique players to choose from and allow you to steer your favorite player to success in the three tournaments. It feels like playing the real tennis game.

Table Tennis 3D Game also offers you a tweaked version of the familiar finger-swipe tennis gameplay combined with a detailed element that gives you near to unlimited options for improving and customizing your character(s). To provide a more action-packed experience the tennis rules have been adjusted slightly, resulting in fast-paced gameplay and shorter but much more exciting matches!

On top of that the game offers great graphics and visualizations to give you one of the most visually realistic tennis experiences to date.