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As a task management tool based on the four-quadrant theory, Priori hopes to minimize the user's burden of use through vision and operation, and return the focus to the to-do list itself. Work efficiently with you through an effective but minimal design language.

Do you feel this way:

- To-do looks very urgent, don't know how to make decisions
- Difficult things are difficult, subconsciously prefer to do simple things first
- Just started doing one thing, and another thing suddenly inserted.
- I thought that I had done all the work, but when I was prompted, I found that I forgot something.
- I feel that I am controlled by the to-do list and become a slave to the task.

In order to get the job done better, you should start taking task management seriously. Although we can't evade what to do, at least we can decide how to configure them.

"Special feature"

• Classic theory: a highly efficient four-quadrant method
• Double quadrant list: work and life independent management, orderly
• Black and white theme: automatic switching
• Natural language parsing: automatically recognize time and set reminders
• iCloud Sync: Seamless work across multiple devices
• Fit iPad: landscape and split screen operations
• Time reminder: flexible setting every day, weekday, week, month
• Location Reminder: Reminder when arriving or leaving the location
• Face ID & Touch ID: Privacy
• Rich setup items: Customize your personal habits
• Url Scheme: priori://


Any suggestions are welcome feedback: [email protected]