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PHOBOS AR is the first markerless augmented reality tool for mental health professionals and an app for people who suffer from specific phobias. PHOBOS was designed to complement cognitive-behavioral therapies relying on exposure. It can be used both as a treatment tool during session and as an at-home complement to therapy.

The BiSAR (Bilateral Stimulation and Assisted Reprocessing) module is based on J. Shapiro's EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) discovery and technique, complemented with the AR capabilities that iOS devices enable.

EMDR is prescribed for trauma victims, people suffering from PTSD and Autism among other conditions.

PHOBOS AR was recently validated by a research project conducted at Thomas More University in Belgium. Research findings will be presented at the XVI European Congress of Psychology in Moscow in July 2019 and the Annual Meeting of the Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS): “Potential of augmented reality for animal phobia treatment “

Always use this software under supervision of a qualified mental health professional.

PHOBOS AR is compatible with: iPhone 6s, 7(+), 8(+) and iPhone X. iPad 2017 and iPad Pro (all versions). iOS 11.3.2 or newer must be installed.