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Explore Buckcreek in search of paranormal hot spots. From author Philip Armstrong, winner of the Windhammer Prize 2013 and the studio behind The Frankenstein Wars and Heavy Metal Thunder -among other adventure gamebooks.

‘Normal Club is an investigation adventure in which you build (and play as) a team of three members of the West C. High School Competitive Paranormal Investigation Club as they investigate a big scoop and try to beat their academic rivals.

"For a perfectly normal American town, Buckcreek sure has an unusual amount of
paranormal hot spots. While the team might be tempted to stake out the first spooky graveyard or haunted zoo they come across, it might be better if they narrow down their options and actually figure out the location of tonight’s big discovery."

· Explore Buckcreek and the mysterious surroundings in search of paranormal hot spots
· Build your team (including Jim Morrison -the Club’s pet chupacabra and mascot- or not)
· Overcome challenges to progress and collect the right clues
· Comic-like, simple interface
· Binaural audio to create immersive soundscapes
· Interactive narrative with hundreds of (funny) choices

Your team needs the final trophy to knock out the rival team!

Adapted from the gamebook by Philip Armstrong, winner of the Windhammer Prize 2013 for Short Gamebook Fiction.
Color Illustrations: Àlex Santaló.
Binaural Audio & Ambience: Albert Murillo.