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The app features state of the art dice simulating features like:
- 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20-sided number dice.
- Coins and Fudge +/- dice.
- D100 dice rolls using two special 10-sided dice.
- Decently realistic physics simulation with collisions, shake detection and device gravity option.
- Configure how you want the app to work by setting actions for tapping, shaking etc.
- Configure what buttons and interface elements you want to show.
- Create presets of dice combinations to roll quickly.
- Drag to move and group dice.
- Tap to remove or lock dice when re-rolling.
- Roll dice of two different colors/materials together, getting a separate total for each.
- Shake to quickly re-roll the current dice.
- Dice collision sounds.
- Realistic bad luck.

And it's pretty nice looking with:
- Detailed nicely rounded dice models with high-resolution textures.
- Per-pixel dynamic lighting with bump mapping, reflections and soft shadows.
- Clean modern interface.
- Many different dice materials to choose from (Like red, white, pink, orange, steel, obsidian, gold, or even glowing radio-active or magical dice)
- A bunch of backgrounds to choose from (Like different color felt, wood, metal, leather, slate or cloth)

Since this received a lot of negative user reviews there is no longer a free version of the app to download and try with an in-app purchase to unlock the full functionality. Instead the app now costs money, but everything is included with no extras to purchase.

NOTE: This is just a dice roller simulator, a substitute for actual dice. It is not a game or specialized tool for specific complex dice rolling calculations or scenarios. It's just dice, you roll them and you get numbers. However, as you can lock and combine dice you can easily use it to play simple dice games like yatzee or such.

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