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Are you looking for a simple mute video app to make the video silent? Well, Mute Videos is it. With a few simple taps, you can adjust the volume of video in a simple and easy way. You just need to import your video to the app (works with your camera roll), then adjust volume, and save/share the final video.

Mute any video from your phone in seconds. With a simple tap, you can mute the whole audio and export the video for further use.

Mute Videos is an excellent video sound editor too. It gives you ultimate precision to trim and remove any audio from your videos. This means that you can trim only a portion of the video sound that you don’t like and replace with something else.

Mute Videos is specifically created to work flawlessly with your Camera Roll and iCloud. This means that you can import the videos you want to be edited at a glance. Also, the trimmed/muted videos are directly saved on your camera roll for easy usage.

Mute Videos is extremely simple, efficient and lightweight. Perfectly optimized for smooth performance without taking too much space on your iPhone.

- mute sound on videos
- precisely trim sound on videos
- import videos from Camera Roll and iCloud
- save videos directly on Camera Roll
- lightweight video sound editor

Next time you need to mute a video, don’t hesitate to use Mute Videos.
Download this straightforward and easy to use mute videos app!