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Compress & reduce size of Video, Audio and Photos. Reducing size helps to transfer the media easily in email and other messaging applications. These could also be very useful where there are restrictions on sizes of video, audio or photos. For example : If there is a video of 30 MB in size, you could reduce it to 10 MB and share easily using email or messaging applications like Whatsapp. Similarly, you could reduce the Audio or Music file of size 10 MB to 2 MB and share them easily using email or other messaging applications like Whatsapp. The application also supports compression of multiple Photos . You could compress photos in batches & save huge amount of space.

Below are the features of the application :

** Compress Videos, Audio, Music or Photos by maintaining good quality.
** You could add your Audio files,Videos or Photos from iCloud as well.
** Reduce Video, Audio and Photos to the size as per the requirements. For example : Compress a Video of size 30 MB to 10 MB.
** Share files of reduced size easily with other applications like Mail or other messaging applications.
** Save reduced sized files to iCloud.
** Save space on device by reducing the sizes of Video, Audio and Photos.
** Easy to use.

Note : The Audio or Music file with DRM protection and Copyrights could not be compressed.