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What can your lock screen do?

With LiveUseful, Hide text, image and QR code in your lock screen wallpaper. Only show them when you press the screen use 3D Touch.

Reminders, todo-lists, QR code of your social media account, the exchange rate table ...... Your lock screen can do a lot. It’s all depends on your imagination!

LiveUseful can make your lock screen useful using Live Photo.

*Limit by iOS, things you add may little fuzzy on the lock screen.

*iOS will zoom image when set wallpaper, you may need to rescale it manually.


Choose a wallpaper and add some things on it. The app will build a Live Photo. Set this Live Photo as lock screen wallpaper. Then here you go!

Add Text:
- Add text on the background with a card.
- You can change the card style, font size, and text-alignment. (PRO)
- Background blur. (PRO)

Use as: Reminder, todo-list, Little poem, Emergency contact ......

Add QR:
- Add QR code on the background.
- You can transfer QR code use the camera or an image (such as screenshots). (Without Pro pack)
- QR code will on the downside by default. It won't be covered by the music player. You can change it to the big one.
- Card style can be changed. (PRO)

- Show your social media account QR code to others at any time.

Add Image (PRO):
- The most important function of this app, only for pro pack. -- You can add any image on the background.
- The image can show as a popover or cover the full screen. You can use this function make more interesting things.

- Use screenshots of other apps, Your lock screen can be your reminder, todo-list, shopping list, word card, exchange rate table and more ......
- Add personalized QR code.
- More interesting things is up to you.

Use the last photo:
- LiveUseful can save the photo you used last time. You don't need to select your wallpaper every single time.

!!! Can only use on devices support 3D Touch.(iPhone 6s/6s Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X)