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Are you often searching for something in the basement or in the attic? Not anymore! With In The Box you easily take some photos of your stuff, put it in boxes, label it and find it in a matter of seconds on your smartphone.

How it works:
1) Print labels with QR Code and number
Individual formats are possible to use existing print labels (Document size, paddings, label size, columns and rows)
2) Take photos of all items in a box or just a photo of the whole box
3) Optional: Add tags to your photos to enable full text search
4) Find you stuff visually or with full text search in seconds

* Find your stuff fast: Change the display size to visually find your stuff fast or use the full text search
* iCloud Sync: All you data will be synced to your personal iCloud account. So you don't have to worry about data loss and can find the same stuff on all your devices.