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The most satisfying game featuring the most trending features:
A relaxing, satisfying peeling, cutting & slicing game simulator, work with soaps, fruits, objects, basically, we can add anything for you, write us a review, request ideas and we will be happy to add them.

- Peeling mode
- Slicing Mode
- Fruits Jackpot spinning mode.
- Cut Soaps, you get it, it is so fun and relaxing.
- Unlimited Slicing.
- Spin the fruits and earn coins.
- Many other surprises for you to discover.

Top Features:
- Peel mode: peel soaps, fruits, vegetables, objects & goods... basically anything you can imagine ready for you to slice, cut, shave, carve, or peel.
- Zen mode unlimited slicing: A very relaxing and satisfying mode while you can enjoy an infinite number to items for you to slice while you can earn coins and you them later to spin the fruits jackpot.
- Spin Master Mode: A nice relaxation jackpot that will allow you to earn Bitfruits that can be used later in future seasons of the game.

The game supports offline mode.

For feedback and ideas: [email protected]