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There are so many things distracting you from getting things done. FocusTime solves that problem.

FocusTime is an efficiency timer that helps you know when to take a short break and when to return focus to accomplishing your daily goals.

This method, similar to the famous and proven Pomodoro Technique, not only increases focus and efficiency but minimizes work/study fatigue.

**Check out the full-featured time tracking app Clocked - Time Tracking Refined, includes the Focus Timer and robust time tracking features for work or school**


•Beautifully simple design and user experience, the app gets out of the way to help you get things done

•Customize the amount of work time and break time

•Set it and forget it, turn off your phone and receive push notifications when to take a break and when to get back to work

•Alternatively, keep the app open to help you stay focused. Visual cues and a clean design help you keep on track.

•Make FocusTime your own, swipe up or down to change the theme