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A daily gratitude journal that is simple and completely customizable. Whether you like to journal with the keyboard or in your own handwriting, this app lets you do both!

The benefits of a regular gratitude practice are becoming increasingly clear, as a plethora of recent studies confirm. Science is proving that gratitude practice, including gratitude journaling, is a very efficient and effective way to improve your quality of life.

Better than an old-fashioned journal, this app is carried with you everywhere, on your iPhone and iPad.

In Five Minutes of Gratitude, you can:

- journal in your own handwriting, using a stylus or Apple Pencil
- journal with a keyboard
- completely customize your daily questions to get the most from each day
- add and customize inspiring daily notes or quotes to the top of each page (this is a great way to keep yourself in tune with your goals each day)
- add a passcode to keep your journal private

All you need in order to realize the massive benefits of gratitude journaling is a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening.
In the morning, you will respond to a few simple questions that will help you to think about what you appreciate and what you hope to accomplish today. Then in the evening, you will take a few minutes to reflect upon and appreciate all the good that happened that day.