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Browse and play your music. Sync or download it from iTunes and enjoy it with:

• Simple and beautiful gesture-based navigation
• Search from anywhere in the app
• Up Next and Instant Playlist put you in control of what's coming

[Important: Doppi does NOT support music downloaded from Apple Music.]

And more:

‣ Big, Beautiful Artwork
Your music's artwork takes center stage on the Now Playing screen and throughout your library.

‣ Your Music, Your Player
Choose a highlight color, switch between light and dark themes, enable Repeat One, and more, from Preferences.

‣ Pull to Search
Pull down from anywhere in your library to invoke Search. Hit Return to instantly trigger the top result.

‣ Play and Add Quickly
Play an album or artist right from the library using their Play buttons, and add songs to Instant Playlist using the Add (+) buttons.

‣ Simple and Beautiful
Every screen on Doppi has been carefully considered to be as clear, useful, and beautiful as possible. Enjoy your music with clean typography, pleasing contrast, and elegant motion.

‣ Easily Readable
Doppi supports Dynamic Type and includes high contrast themes, so your eyes won't get in the way of your ears.

‣ Continue the Album
Ever shuffled your music, found a song you loved, and wished the rest of the album could play next? Doppi can make it happen — just push Play on the album.

Give your music the lovely home it deserves. Get Doppi.

Important notice:
Doppi does not include any music. It was designed to play the music you transfer to your device by syncing with iTunes or by purchasing from the iTunes Store. It does not support music downloaded from Apple Music, or any streaming service.