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Do your step-by-step tax return with the “Do Your Self-Employment Tax” app. Learn how to apply your Self-Employment expenses (deductions) to zero, reduce, and/or get a refund on your tax return. The “Do Your Self-Employment Tax” app is packed with the following features:

- Walkthrough step-by-step of your return without the need of a tax professional

- Comes in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russia)

- Shows you how to figure your income and estimate your deductions (tax reduction)

- Comes with an Estimate your Expense Calculator, that does the math for you

- Shows you how to gather your information for your taxes

- Cover many deduction situations that you can apply to reduce, or get-a-refund, your taxes

- Provides tax scenarios for the Uber/Lyft Driver, AirBnB Rentals, and other Self-Employment situations