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Use Dayly Calendar to track daily activities or recurring events with a single tap. For everyday use, you’re in and out in seconds. A clean and simple calendar shows your past entries at a glance. Use Dayly to motivate yourself, inform your decisions, and manage your life.


It feels great to mark a successful day in your Dayly calendar.

• Ultra simple workout log
• Musical/hobby/arts practice
• Develop healthy habits


Discover patterns in your activities with just a glance.

• Track goals and milestones
• Work or project activity
• Medical/personal events


Use Dayly to keep track of tasks and transactions.

• Stay on top of chores
• Keep a home maintenance log
• Track your medications


Customize each Dayly calendar with a name and your favorite color scheme, or skip all of that to start using a calendar instantly.


It’s super fast and convenient to record events for your calendars on your watch.



I wanted to track my cross-training workouts. But most tracking apps frustrate me: they ask me to spend time entering far too many details for casual use. That’s fine for some people (I track my running in great detail using a dedicated app), but I just want to put a mark on a calendar when I finish my yoga, and look back to see how often I did it.

So I created Dayly.

Dayly is an ultra simple calendar for tracking activities and events.

Download today and see for yourself!