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Cloud Compiler allows you to create programs with the built-in source code editor and compile them Online. Together with Cloud Compiler, you can learn to program in any language using an integrated library of source code samples. Examples include both programs for working with data structures and working with I / O streams.

This is the only mobile application supporting many languages at once:

* C
* C ++
* Javascript (Node.js)
* Java
* Python
* Ruby
* Swift
* New languages coming soon

App features:

- Compile and run your program
- View program output or detailed errorĀ 
- Code examples library
- Color code editor
- STDIN is supported
- Auto Indent

In addition to the programming language itself, it is possible to choose its version. We tried to collect the most popular and latest versions of all languages for your convenience.

A unique feature of the application is the STDIN support in the application console. At runtime, you can interact with the program using standard I / O streams using the keyboard of your device. This feature of our IDE allows you to work with the program just like it does on a regular computer.

- Program execution time less than 1 minute
- 100 MB of RAM allocated
- Internet not available
- Graphics functions are not supportedĀ 

Cloud Compiler support email: [email protected]