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Three Years of research, in-depth analysis, consultations and testing led to creation of an ingenious app which helps you to understand your BP healthy day.

- Track daily the most important factors of your BP Healthy day
- Guidance what you should be doing each day for the perfect BP Healthy day
- Daily reminders to help you stay on track, featuring our how-to video and easy to follow guide to ensure 100% accuracy on readings.
- Log of your daily BP readings
- Analysis of your BP readings against the 30 parts of your perfect BP Healthy day

Now is the time to stay on top of your hypertension!


If you have any questions or suggestion to improve or something to add/fix, please kindly write us using feedback form in app or e-mail us directly [email protected] and let’s make the best blood pressure app together.

Disclaimer: BP Healthy is intended to be used as a means to collect and analyze data. This application is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We assume no liability for any personal harm or injury sustained as a result of using this application. Please note, this application does not measure your BP, a blood pressure monitor is required.

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