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Welcome to BiuBiu Jungle. Explore the islands, solve puzzles and save the world from sinking in this stunning and cutely animation puzzle game.

BiuBiu wakes up one morning to find that all the islands in his world have sunk into the deep sea. The stars, whose energy is used to keep the islands from sinking, have been stolen.

BiuBiu must recapture the stars and return them to the rightful places, while navigating deadly mazes and steering through intricate traps, so he can restore order to the world.

● 48 challenging and entertaining levels (with more to come)
● Stunning visuals with cute animations
● Plenty of combinational uses of diverse triggers and traps (Magic Stone, Mummies, Monsters, Turret and Laser Guardian)
● Alternative control modes (touch and drag vs visual Joypad control)
● Player friendly animated tutorials
● Great for both adults and kids
● Pay once and play
● Pay offline, great to play on the plane!

● Tap on the grid next to you to move one step
● Drag a line from BiuBiu to a destination tile to move automatically
● The move line will turn grey if you drag to an inaccessible position
● Press and hold on a magic stone or an iced mummy to push it forward
● A wand is used to freeze a mummy or divert a laser guardian