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Check your battery health!
Battery Health is your real device doctor with its techniques to determine your battery, charger and any other functions.

Battery Health is the unique application to measure Battery Wear level and charger, displays Device Information, comes with many tools to test your device. According to this information, you will always know when your battery or charger must be replaced and your device's health.

• Battery wear level detection
• Overview of in-depth battery and charger raw data (only for versions prior to iOS 10 inclusive)
• Overview of your device's actual runtimes
• Testing of all hardware functions
• Gorgeous graphic user interface
• Today Widget
• Apple Watch app
• Battery Tips
• No Ads

Hardware test:
• Camera
• Screen Dead Pixel
• Speaker
• Microphone
• Headphones
• Flashlight
• Volume button
• Vibration
• Proximity Sensor
• Touch ID
• Accelerometer
• Compass
• Barometer/Altimeter
• 3D touch/Touch screen
• Brightness

Device Information:
• General
• Memory
• Storage
• Network