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Presenting Backup All My Contacts: A PERFECT CONTACTS MANAGER!

Backup All My Contacts is a contacts manger for your device which helps you manage your contacts with ease.

With Backup All My Contacts, You can easily backup selected contacts or all the contacts and share them with multiple platforms.

Backup All My Contacts has four tabs. Each Tabs provides you great and useful features. Here are the tabs:

1. Contacts: The Contacts tab gives your contacts a fully re-designed and a beautiful look. From Contacts Tab, You can:

- Call, Message or FaceTime your contacts.
- Create a new contact.
- Edit the existing contacts
- Tap & Hold to select multiple contacts to backup or share them.

2. Backup: The Backup tab provides you the ability to backup all the contacts, With just one tap. You can share your backup files directly.

3. Saved: The Saved tab is a dedicated tab for all the backup files. All the backups are saved in this tab. From Here , You can:

- Share the previous backup files or just restore them anytime.
- Files downloaded from Wi-Fi Server can be found in this tab.
- Share, Restore or Delete files anytime you want.

4. More: More Tab comes with some extra cool features. Here is the list:

- Handle Duplicates Contacts (Merge them all).
- Set a reminder for backup
- Remove all contacts with one tap

The share menu comes with great options. Some of them are:

- Share Backup Files (VCard) with multiple platforms.

- Wi-Fi Sharing: Share VCard with your Desktop by creating a wifi server. You can download or upload the VCards.

- In App support for cloud services.

- Upload to cloud services like Dropbox, One Drive, Box, Google Drive from the app itself.

- Mail VCard to yourself. (Please check your email account after sending the mail).

- Supports iTunes File Sharing

- No Ads.

- And More.

If you like the app, Please leave a review on the AppStore. Your feedback means a lot and helps in making the app better and more robust. Also if you have any issue, feature request or suggestion, There is a feedback button in the More Tab. From there, You can send me a mail. I will reply as soon as possible.

Hope you like the app. Cheers. :)