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Capture Happy Moments of your life and cherish them by adding 4 watermark stamps named “Date and Timestamp, Custom Signature Stamp, GPS Timestamp and Logo” at a time on Images with Auto Stamper.

Auto Stamper offers you a complete package for auto date time stamping in a single download with enhanced options of stamp color, format, positioning and size so that you don’t require any other applications for different stamping purpose!

• Why choose us?

- Only application to provide 4 auto stamps in a single image.
- Live option for previewing picture appearance with stamps.
- Developed and managed by Auto Stamper.

There are so many fascinating variations possible with Auto Stamper application which you can give your photograph a perfect remembrance with auto date time stamp and let it speak the 4 W's: When, Why, Where and Who!

Check out some exciting features:

1) Easy-to-Use:
- Simple designed user interface with manual “ON/OFF” functionality for auto stamps makes it easier to toggle between them.

2) Stylish Font Formats:
- Pick font formats from 50+ classy options and give your picture a stunning appearance.

3) Adjustable Stamp Position and Size:
- Choose position and size of the stamp from contrasting alternatives in accordance with Image theme.

4) Elegant Color Options:
- Opt color of the stamps with preferred opacity level as per your Image background.

If you are fond of photography and love to capture each and every happening in your life, Auto Stamper will duly help you watermark photos with perfect stamp remembrance to rejoice them for years and years to come.

- With Auto Stamper, you can can enjoy:


Date and Time stamper will automatically add current timestamp on your photos as and when required. The auto date time stamp camera app will perfectly work as a Timestamp Camera marking up everything you snap. You can also add custom Date stamp.

This will duly connect you to your snapped moments when seen after some years because an Image marked with Date Stamper & Time Stamper tag eliminates the Question of “WHEN” from the 4 W’s!

Can be used for:
Construction Work Tracking, Legislative Purpose, Bates Stamping, Memory Markup, Price Tracking


Most ideal way of using signature stamp is to brief up a moment by adding a text or words on photograph. With custom signature stamp, you can create a signature & Save it in the app itself. So, next time when you capture an Image, that signature can be used for stamping.

You can also make your own personalized text that can be either your name or company name & add it to image for branding & security purpose.

Can be used for:
Moment Description, Product Photography, Magazines Photography, Photo Security, Event Tagging


Portray your exotic trip collection by inserting a GPS Location stamp on your images in distinct formats from “Current or Custom” GPS timestamp. Toggle GPS to ON from your smartphone & Auto Stamper will work as a GPS Map Camera for you.

Geotagging is applied to photos that drive insane recollection & are clicked at fascinating places during Journey.

Can be used for:
Travelling Photography, Adventure Photography, Destination Wedding Photography


Add a copyright Logo as custom stamp on your Images and secure them from any kind of misuse or access without your permission. The best part of this functionality is that it’s extremely easy to use and setup.

Just select the Logo Image from Gallery, adjust its position and opacity, and insert it at the very moment photo is captured.

Can be used for:
Photo Copyright, Brand Copyright, Brand Awareness, Company Logo, Photography Logo, Business Logo, Trademark Logo

- Are you still looking for auto date and time stamp application? Auto Stamper is the best option for you considering all the above points and the objective it fulfills. Download & TRY the App NOW!

- For queries, send us an email at [email protected]