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Aurora is a beautiful and easy to use color picker and dictionary app. It is as feature-rich as it is gorgeous.

Key features:
- Live color picking from the camera
- Color picking from static images
- Manual color search
- Color replace in images
- Change color brightness and saturation
- Like and save colors
- View extensive information about colors (HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK, XYZ, CIE-LAB, and more)
- View binary, octal, and decimal RGB representations
- View suggested color palettes
- View and copy example CSS and Swift color code for quick usage
- View related Pantone® and Crayola™ colors
- Share and import colors
- Drag and drop color reordering
- Watch app to view latest liked colors and details
- Today Widget to view latest liked colors (tap to copy)
- Home screen Quick Actions
- Dark mode support
- Context menus support

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch. Aurora was created by an incredibly small team of one and I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'm available through Twitter @JPEGuin.