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Apollo is the only photo app that lets you add new light sources on any portrait photo, enabling you to postprocess an image as if it was a 3D render!
WARNING: Taking portrait mode photos is supported by iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.
Take your portrait mode photographs from awesome to unforgettable with Apollo! Select the color, intensity, distance of a light and illuminate the scene to your heart's content.

Apollo is the first app to use the depth data of your portrait mode photos to calculate photorealistic lighting. Using a proprietary graphics card processing algorithm, Apollo is able to illuminate a portrait scene in real time. Load up a photo from your gallery and start adding lights. Apollo will realistically calculate the effect of the light's distance, color, intensity etc.

Add up to 20 light sources. For each one, calibrate
- position in 3D space
- light intensity
- light spread
- color

You can even position a light source BEHIND an object in your photograph to produce halos and emphasise silhouettes!

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For best results, keep in mind the following:
1. The photo should have uniform lighting - no hard shadows or strong highlights.
2. Low lighting photos, photos taken under an overcast sky or selfies and close ups are perfect candidates.
3. A crisp and steady photo results in crisp customized lighting.
4. Practice makes perfect! Although Apollo is built with simplicity in mind, mastering its concepts may take some time.